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We provide effective, high-quality, individualized services in an inclusive, supportive environment that ensures our learners, of all ages, achieve their greatest potential.  

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Each child’s session is conducted in a room that allows for social distancing and isolation from other individuals in the centre (not ideal for socializing and group skill development, but unfortunately, necessary right now).

Our centre is limited to staff and children only at this time.  Children are picked up by our Instructor Therapists at the family’s vehicle, where a screening and temperature check is completed prior to entering the building. 

Our staff are screened daily also for any symptoms of Covid, as well as undergoing temperature checks prior to entering the main area of the centre.

At New Leaf Autism & ABA Services, we are committed to providing you and your loved ones with exceptional services in a compassionate and friendly atmosphere. Our staff are experienced clinicians with various post-graduate training and education in Autism and ABA.

We are an essential service and will be open, while respecting all public health measures and guidelines. 


We decided to open New Leaf Autism & ABA Services after spending more than a decade in the field of Developmental Disabilities and Autism Therapy.  It was important to us to live the value of Family First, not only in our own lives, but also to demonstrably live that value in our professional lives.  Each child that New Leaf supports becomes like family to us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  When we talk about doing things “in the best interest of the child” we strive to put that into practice every day, every session.

Having been in this field for decades, we have seen first-hand, the lack of services and supports for the children that we have supported as they grow into young adults and reach the age of 18.  Autism does not end at 18, nor does it end when these young adults graduate high school.  We are actively working to fill this gap in services, by planning for day services and respite to families, regardless of age, who need support.

We are dedicated and committed to continually developing innovative services for individuals of all ages in our community. We ensure that from the time you tour our facility, you will be treated with compassion, support and a team who is dedicated to helping improve your life and that of your child.

New Leaf Autism & ABA was founded to provide those with Developmental Disabilities in the Niagara region with access to essential services they need to help them live meaningful, independent lives. We have experienced first-hand, the detrimental effects that long waitlists can have on those with Autism and therefore we strive to ensure that we provide services in a timely manner.

New Leaf Autism & ABA provides services to those of all ages including ABA, IBI, consultative services (with families, schools and community agencies), assessment and social groups. We ensure that our services are evidence-based and developed to fit the needs of families and caregivers. Providing a service for everyone regardless of age, skill level or behavioural concern is a priority of ours.

Clinical Services

    PEAK Relational Training System

    Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge, PEAK is an extensively researched, clinically versatile and empirically supported assessment tool that takes traditional ABA assessments to a new level by assessing and training for equivalences and relational learning. The PEAK Comprehensive Assessment is the only standardized assessment in the ABA world and focuses primarily on expressive and receptive language skills that range from basic single sound utterances to complex cognition proficiencies such as abstract induction and deduction. Use of the PEAK assessment and curriculum has been shown to have an impact on reducing challenging behaviours and increasing IQ.

    Want to know more about PEAK and how we incorporate it into our individualized instructional design? Contact us today or visit their website.

    PEAK Relational Training System

    Centre-Based Clinical Services (Ages 18 months – 18 years)

    Our Centre based services take place at the New Leaf Centre, conveniently located at the corner of Montrose Rd and Thorold Stone Rd in Niagara Falls.

    Our in-centre services use the principles of ABA to work on increasing your child’s skills and decreasing challenging behaviour, if needed.  At New Leaf, we customize each child’s programming to capitalize on their unique strengths and help bridge the gap between their current skills and where they need to be. We focus on the entire child, with emphasis placed on learning functional, adaptive skills in a fun and supportive environment.

    We use 1:1 teaching and small group intervention to work on specific skills with your child.

    At New Leaf, we use ABA to improve:

    • Social skills
    • Language and communication
    • Motor skills
    • Activities of daily living
    • Academics
    • Challenging behaviour

    Within each of these broad domains, we use a combination of assessment results and parent input to select individualized goals geared to the specific skill gaps of your child.

    All ABA programs qualify for MCCSS funding and are overseen by a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) to ensure highly quality programming and implementation with your child.

    Our in-centre services are offered in 12-week blocks, with sessions running either 3 hours or 4 hours in length.

    Morning session times are 9am -12pm or 8:30am – 12:30pm

    Afternoon session times are 1 – 4pm or 1 – 5pm

    We also offer extended hours for those families with a busy schedule, and can accommodate before and after session care if your family requires it!

    All children will have an initial intake assessment prior to starting services, or prior to restarting services after more than 12 weeks away from service.

    We are currently registering children for January 4, 2021 (with assessments being completed in December 2020).

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    Consulting Services

    Our clinical team is available to consult to families of any age who require assistance with managing challenging behaviours, or increasing skill development.

    We also consult to community agencies and other requiring the services of a Behaviour Analyst.

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    Assessment Services

    Our assessment services are individualized just like all of our services. This means that the assessment used for your child is not a blanket approach and is instead selected based on the clinical tool that would be most suitable to their current skill repertoire. Often a combination of assessments are used and the results of these assessments are used to guide your child’s instructional design and intervention.
    Some of the assessments we use include:

    • Early Start Denver Model (ESDM)
      • Ages: 0-3 years
      • Focuses on skills that are specific to the domains associated with a diagnosis of ASD
    • Promoting Emergence of Advanced Knowledge (PEAK):
      • Approved Provider: Level 1
      • Ages: 0-85+ years
      • Language based assessment that aims to improve the core foundational verbal behaviour skills as well as higher level cognition skills that ensure a child is able to learn rather than using rote/memorized responses
    • Verbal Behaviour-Milestones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP) or The Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised (ABLLS-R)
      • Ages: 0-4 (or 5)
      • Language based assessment that focuses on improving the verbal skills of children diagnosed with ASD
      • Focuses on very early learning and readiness skills
    • The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS):
      • Ages: 5-adult
      • Identifies deficits in skills related to daily living, community, home, school, vocational and independence
    • Inventory of Good Learner Repertoires (IGLR):
      • Ages: 3+
      • Assesses learning to learn skills and barriers which may be impeded an individuals ability to learn efficiently and effectively.
      • Focus is on teaching skills that improve ones progress such as tolerating no, waiting, persistence and impulsivity.
    • Functional Behaviour Assessments (including Functional Analyses when appropriate)
      • Ages: All.
      • Addresses the potential environmental factors which may be maintaining a challenging/maladaptive behaviour.
      • Results from this process allow clinicians to implement functionally equivalent and appropriate alternatives to the challenging behaviour.
      • Utilizes both direct and indirect methods of assessment such as direct observations, data collection and analysis, questionnaires and environmental manipulations.
    • Individualized Assessment and Instructional Design:
      • Ages: All.
      • Regardless of the assessment that is determined to be the most appropriate based on age, skill level and goals, each person also gets an individualized assessment of their skills, progress and unique learning preferences and trajectory.
      • This is an ongoing process that is used to guide  goals and programming.

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    Precision Teaching

    Precision Teaching is a system of that allows our instructors to make informed evidence based decisions when teaching any skill to a learner.  This system of measurement gives our clinicians the ability to pinpoint different skill concerns to produce superior learning outcomes for our learners.

    Ages: All.

    Parent Training

    Clinic Nights

    (Currently offered to families receiving ABA services only)

    Occur monthly (3rd Thursday of the month) from 5-8 PM at New Leaf

    A parent guided 60 min 1:1 appointment with a BCBA to discuss a current concern, struggle or skill. Topics can range from using reinforcement or token systems at home to identifying why a challenging behaviour is occurring and everything in between.

    Get clinical recommendations and resources unique to your situation.

    Times must be booked in advance (at least 1-week)

    Click here to register

    Drop-In Nights

    These nights are first-come, first-serve and are open to anyone meeting the prerequisite criteria.

    A variety of topics and ages are covered ensuring that there is an interest for everyone.

    Registration is required and there is a small fee for these events (this fee is not covered by Ministry funding at this time).

    The purpose of drop-in nights is to have fun and meet peers (this is not a clinical service although ABA strategies are incorporated into the evening.

    Check our Facebook or Instagram page for any upcoming drop-in nights and themes and register online.

    About Us

    We decided to open New Leaf Autism & ABA after spending more than a decade in the field of Developmental Disabilities and Autism Therapy.  It was important to us to live the value of Family First, not only in our own lives, but also to demonstrably live that value in our professional lives.  Each child that New Leaf supports becomes like family to us, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.  When we talk about doing things “in the best interest of the child” we strive to put that into practice every day, every session.

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